Why Your Window Replacement Should Be Done in August

Three Reasons to Replace Your Windows This August

In the dead heat of August, not many homeowners tend to think about window replacement. Usually, homeowners don’t realize they need to replace their windows until the cold drafts of winter begin to seep inside and energy bills start to increase. However, August is actually the best time to replace your windows, and here’s why.

Window Usage Wears Them Down

Most homeowners spend summer days with the windows open, letting in the warm summer breeze. Repetitive opening and shutting quickly wears down the hardware components inside the window. Additionally, you’re more likely to identify issues with your windows because of increased use. If you notice your windows stick, are painted over, or have broken glass, replace them now before winter hits.

You’re Susceptible to Temperature Changes during Window Replacement

When your windows are being replaced, your house is exposed to the outdoor temperatures during the time it takes to install new ones. Window replacement can sometimes take an hour or more. If the window frame needs to be resized, it takes even longer. Replacing your windows in the winter means your home will be chilled for hours, and you may waste unnecessary energy if you leave the heat on during installation.

Best of All, You’ll Get Window Replacement Savings!

The number one reason to replace your windows in August is because of the amount of money you’ll save. The window industry slows down significantly in August, so manufacturers and installers usually offer deep discounts. Use those savings towards your next remodeling project.

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