Two Things to Know Before Building a Deck

Prepare for Your Deck Installation

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s value and comfort? Decks are fun outdoor spaces that can add beauty to your home. With many design elements to choose from, it’s easy to personalize a deck to match your style and needs. Let’s examine what you need to know before starting one of these projects.

Understand the Paperwork Before Building

Prior to starting deck installation, it’s important to get a permit. Time spent on this step ensures everything is up to code. Homeowners who begin deck building without a permit may have to pay a fine or tear down new constructions.
If you sell your home, unpermitted decks can decrease the value. Additionally, a permit lowers the risk of injury, since it ensures structures are stable. Before starting your deck installation, get an inspection and permit.

Know Your Deck Design Choices

Begin by determining the size of your deck and if it will be multi or single-level. Next, have fun with design elements—built-in seating, ledges, railings and eating areas are fantastic aspects to consider for entertaining on your new deck.
Selecting the perfect stain can be tons of fun and help tie in your new deck installation with the rest of the house. Once deck building is complete, enjoy dressing up the space with potted plants, furniture, or artwork.

Begin Your Deck Installation!

Get an inspection and building permit, and then enjoy the design process. If you need help along the way, HB Services LLC is happy to assist. We have years of experience building beautiful decks at reasonable prices.

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