The Best Patio Types for Any Backyard

The Perfect Patio Type for Your Yard

Patios define an outdoor area and create a usable, beautiful space. The right type of stone will blend in with natural surroundings while complementing the home. There are several types of stone patio, each with their own appeal.


Flagstone is made of several layers of naturally occurring sand, clay, and other compounds. These patios are organic, lending homes an earthy look. Individual stones are not uniform in shape, and some can be rather large. Flagstone colors vary regionally because the naturally occurring sediment is different throughout the U.S.

Clay Bricks

Clay brick is one of the most durable materials for patios, especially in warmer climates. It looks timeless and traditional, and its rich, warm hues complement many styles. Reclaimed brick is a relatively new trend with a timeworn look that adds historic charm to any backyard. Bricks are easy and versatile; they come in a variety of patterns, and individual pieces can be replaced if they crack during a freeze.

Patio Pavers

Patio pavers can be made of almost any material: stone, concrete, clay, and more. The main allure of patio pavers is their customizability and easy installation. They range in size, shape, and color, and they’re exceptionally durable – though some brands may fade in the sun. Though pavers are manmade, they look incredibly natural and resemble stone or brick.


Concrete patios are inexpensive and long-lasting. Poured concrete can create any shape, so it’s great for freeform pool surrounds and other uncommon shapes. Concrete can also be stained to add color and depth to a patio’s appearance.

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