Stay Warm All Winter with These Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Fall is the perfect time to start getting your home ready to hibernate for the winter. Winter can cause many typical home problems to worsen, and can create new ones as well, so make sure your home is in top shape before the big freeze.

Winterize Your Home with These Easy Tips:

Trim Back Overhanging Branches

If you have a lot of overhanging trees, fall is a great time to trim back dead or weak branches. Ice and snow will weigh down already heavy branches, which can cause them to snap and fall. You should cut back any that would pose a danger to your home and necessitate roof replacement or repair.

Have Your Heating Unit Serviced

Of course you want to ensure your heater will work properly through the winter. There’s nothing worse than waiting on repairs in a cold house during the dead of winter. Have your furnace serviced by a technician now to get it ready for hard winter work.

Turn Off Outdoor Plumbing

any homeowners simply forget about outdoor spigots and hoses, which is easy to do. But water that’s left in pipes and hoses will freeze over the winter, and can eventually burst. Make sure to drain and shut off any outdoor plumbing, and store hoses away until spring.

Find Sneaky Drafts and Seal Them

Check your windows and doors for air leaks. Light a candle or incense and hold it up to the window or door frame. If the light or smoke flickers, you have a leak. Seal up these leaks with caulking, or replace the weather stripping if necessary. You’ll stay warmer, and your utility bills will cost less. If you need to have your windows replaced, do it now before it gets too cold (and costly).

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