Outdoor Ideas to Dress Up Your Home

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? The crocus, daffodils, and  blue herons ALL know that April is here! April is the time to start working in the yard. Time to rake up all the leaves that managed to miss the rake in the fall. Time to sew grass seeds in the bare spots, and time to get the pansies in the pots! There are many ways that you can dress up your home outdoors for the spring and summer.

Dress Up Your Yard and Deck

Now that you have brushed all the old leaves and debris from your deck, there are many ways that you can dress up the deck and surrounding yard area.
  • Scattering different sized potted plants around a deck or patio is a great way to add color to your yard. Fill the potted containers with a variety of flowers and greens for contrast – some of which spike up and some of which drape down.
  • Use some of your deck space as a garden. Deck railing planter boxes are great for growing herbs and a large pot can be used to grow patio tomatoes. Put the pot on a rolling stand for portability to move it around to the sunniest locations on the deck.
  • Plant a wall of evergreens in the ground or in large pots along the edges of the deck. Or install a lattice for a climbing plant such as climbing roses or a clematis vine. Both will create a beautiful and colorful privacy fence.
  • Dress up the space underneath a tall deck with colorful patio furniture or a hammock for relaxation. Add some outdoor art on the walls to personalize the space and balance it with the colors of the outdoor furniture.
  • Is your deck ready for a makeover? A new deck with different levels will make great use of small spaces and add different areas for entertaining. For a more budget-friendly option, a beautiful, low-maintenance deck can even be built upon your existing foundation without starting from scratch. Look for a Class-A contractor with deck experience and a variety of samples of their work to build your new deck.
Screened Porches and Enclosed Porches Add Beauty, Comfort and Value
What is the difference between a screened porch and an enclosed porch? A screened-in porch protects from insects while allowing exposure to the outdoor elements, for seasonal use. An enclosed porch has window screens plus glass windows and sometimes portable heating and cooling, allowing it to become a year-round room for more protection from the heat and cold. Both options dress up your home, adding beauty, comfort and value.
Screened Porches
Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the outdoors from a beautiful screened porch? It’s a great way to stay out of the sun, escape the pesky bugs and enjoy the weather while entertaining family and friends. Ceiling fans and sound systems are a great way to add to the comfort and atmosphere. A screened porch is also a great additional room for the kids to play in on a rainy day or a place to read, relax, or take a nap.
Enclosed Porches
Perhaps this is the year to enclose your existing screened porch? An enclosed porch will extend the use of the room to a year-round capacity, add value to your home and eliminate the need for spring cleaning. And imagine watching the snow fall from inside your enclosed porch next winter … how beautiful! Your new enclosed porch will surely become the favorite year-round room in the house!
HB Services, LLC can take care of most of the home issues you find on your spring clean up. Give us a call to help out, big or small! Happy Spring!

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