How to Deep Clean Your Home and Get Ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means family time, filling meals, and probably a long nap after dinner. It also means you might want to get your home ready for Thanksgiving guests and winter weather. Deep clean your home to make sure your systems are ready for the cold and your rooms are ready for guests.

Deep Clean before Thanksgiving Guests Arrive

November is a great time to clean the appliances, ventilation systems, and other areas of your home. After all, you’ll most likely be cooking a big dinner, and nothing is worse than a turkey infused with that characteristic dirty-oven taste. Check these hotspots for grease and grime:
  • Refrigerator coils, which often get covered in sticky buildup.
  • Bathroom vent fans, which need to be cleaned regularly to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Behind and under appliances to get rid of dust bunnies and caked-on junk.
  • Carpets, which should be steam-cleaned to get rid of debris that was tracked in over the summer.
  • Doors, windows and their frames should be wiped to get rid of sticky fingerprints.

Prep Your Home for Company

  • Wash window treatments. You’ll be using these quite a bit to stay warm over the winter. Cleaning them will make the air in your home less stuffy, and Thanksgiving guests will appreciate the dust-free air.
  • Thanksgiving calls for fancy dishware and drinking glasses. Get your china and stemware ready now, so you won’t have to scramble to spot-clean while you’re cooking. Likewise, you may want to give your fancy silverware a good polishing to make it sparkle.
  • If you’ll be having relatives stay over, start getting the linens ready. Give them a run through the washing machine. Your guests will love sleeping on fresh-smelling sheets.

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