Easy Home Modifications for the Elderly

As people age, they’re often forced to move because they begin having trouble taking care of themselves or their homes. Sometimes, they can avoid moving by making their homes senior-friendly with a few easy alterations.

Fall-Proof Your Home

The best way to avoid a fall in the home is to keep a clear walkway by removing clutter. Purchase storage containers to keep papers, magazines, and gadgets neat and out of the way. Keep these bins at a level that is easy for seniors to access from a wheelchair or without reaching over something and risk losing their balance. Keep phone cords and electrical cords away from walkways to prevent tripping.

Having ample lighting is another way to fall-proof a home, as dark rooms and corners are not safe for vision-impaired seniors. Adding lamps can be helpful as can increasing the strength of ceiling lights. Install night-lights in hallways, bathrooms, and pantries so no one needs to walk in darkness to find a light switch.

Kitchen Alterations

Kitchens can be modified with shelves that pull out for easier access. A lazy Susan is another good option for keeping kitchen items within reach. Light switches and garbage disposal switches can be moved in order to make them accessible to seniors in wheelchairs.

Bathroom Alterations

Avoiding slips on wet surfaces is the Number 1 priority in the bathroom. Placing rubber mats in and around showers will increase safety. Adding handrails near the toilet and in the shower are other safety precautions to consider.

HB Home Services can help you customize your home in order to make it safe and accessible for you as you age.

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