Deck Care and Maintenance to Help You Enjoy Your Deck for Years to Come

The Basics of Deck Care and Maintenance

A deck is a sound cost vs. value project, often returning up to 80% of the project cost. However, this investment quickly depreciates if you do not maintain the wood. These preventative care tips should be repeated at minimum once per year.

Preventative Deck Care Tips

  • Remove all underneath debris in the spring to avoid rot buildup from leaves and other organic matter. Ensure you clear the joists. Joists shoulder a good deal of your deck’s structural integrity and must be maintained.
  • Cut away bushes and vines from the deck. If you are reapplying a protective coating, cover up the shrubbery with visqueen. Clear away 12″ of green from all sides of the railing and boards.
  • Use a cleanser to clear the deck’s planks. Wooden decks require using a deck cleaner, but make sure you follow the directions. Some products use different application methods. If you have a plastic deck, soap and water will do just fine. Composites need a manufacturer-specified chemical.

Deck Restoration Tips

If you take good care of your deck, you may not need to restore boards for a long time. It is still important to inspect the boards twice a year for signs of rot. If you have PVC decking you can check the deck annually.
  • Small blooms of green mildew or other growth can be scraped off with a flat tool like a 5 in 1, albeit gently. You will want to reseal the open spot.
  • Pervasive growth must be dealt with using a power washer to rip the green from the boards. A sander will wear away too much of the boards, but ensure you do not deeply gouge with a washer, either. Afterward, reapply a protective stain or exterior wood paint to reseal the board.
  • Remove any wood splitting in the middle. The board is removable with a jigsaw, but avoid cutting any joists so you do not ruin the structural integrity of the deck.
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