Deck and Ceiling Fan Maintenance

How to fix raised and warped decking boards, and basic ceiling fan maintenance

Once again we are preparing our Spring Clean-up lists and putting together our summer maintenance checklists for around our homes. Two of the easiest projects you can do yourself, and save some money in the long run, around your home is to fix those raised and warped decking boards and performing some basic maintenance on your ceiling fans.

How to Fix Deck Boards

  • Wood decks – should be sealed once every other year. I recommend a clear sealer. Colored stains are always harder to match after cleaning.
  • Deck boards – should never be face-nailed, but many are. If yours are, there’s something you can do about it that’s much less expensive than replacing the deck: Pull the nail, using a flat bar on the nail and a putty knife to protect the wood from the bar. Drive a new screw (one made for decks) into the hole where the nail was.

Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Ceiling fans are wonderful aids in heating and cooling as well as being attractive, but they do need a little attention twice a year. Every fall and spring you should:
  • Check for an oil hole on top of the motor – if there is one; add 5-6 drops of light machine oil.
  • Clean the motor housing – dusty isn’t it!
  • Clean each blade and blade iron – use a little Murphy’s Oil Soap® if necessary, never a detergent. Dry each piece with a soft cloth as you go.
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