Curb Appeal: Choosing Between a Deck and Patio

If you are deciding between a deck and a patio to improve your home’s curb appeal and give your family a beautiful outdoor living space, there are several considerations:

Budget: Cost vs. Value

A deck can be more affordable, but a concrete patio is more durable. If your home already has an existing wood substructure, a deck can be a great choice when it’s made from low-maintenance, environmentally friendly TrexPro. You can have a patio built of concrete, brick, or natural stone – all are durable, affordable, and easy to lay. Stamped and colored concrete patios cost more, but have more curb appeal.


The cost vs. value benefit of decks and patios is important, but so is having a practical and pleasing lifestyle. Doors that open onto a patio or deck can double the size of your house in warm weather. A patio is perfect for a fire pit, but a deck might be more accessible from your kitchen for outside grilling.


If your yard has an uneven or sloping surface, sometimes a deck is the only option. Composite and vinyl decking require less maintenance than wood and are more resistant to insects, warping, and splintering. Made from 95% recycled material, TrexPro won’t rot, warp, or splinter, and never requires staining or painting, and is made with the best value in mind. For patios, concrete maintenance is minimal, though painted and stained concrete patios require sealant. When comparing the best cost vs. value of your choice, make sure you consider maintenance requirements.

If you need help deciding between a deck or a patio, contact HB Home Services for a free estimate or visit our “decks” page for more details.

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