Choosing the Best Deck Material for your Budget

A new deck can expand your living space and increase curb appeal as well as value. Design parameters and whether you need to remove an old deck and use existing supports are the first budget considerations to make. Materials also factor into the total cost:


Deck flooring choices range from pressure-treated wood to composite materials. Soft woods such as red cedar resist rot, age nicely, and are initially less expensive. Bug- and rot-resistant hardwoods such as mahogany are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but can cost a lot more. Both types of wood require regular maintenance.


The latest trends in decks use composite materials such as TrexPro, made from 95% recycled material. They require less maintenance, but can cost more initially than soft woods. Composite materials also come in a variety of colors, so no repeated staining or painting is necessary.


Safety regulations require decks with more than three steps to have railings, which can be wood, composites, vinyl, iron, or glass. Talk to your certified installer about safety regulations concerning baluster spacing, support posts, handrails, and bottom rail requirements, as well as railing maintenance costs.

Built-In Features

A built-in feature is part of the deck. Built-ins can be decorative and utilitarian. Steps and built-in furniture can be costly initially, but can save homeowners the cost of new furniture. Built-in lighting improves safety and atmosphere. Check with your certified installer for built-in option prices and maintenance costs.

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