Built In Bookcases – New Trends and Ideas to Fit Any Style

A built in bookcase may evoke images of stately libraries, but with these new ideas, a built in bookcase can enhance the style of any home. Ignore the stereotypes of built in bookcases and make room for endless options.

Small Spaces

Though many think built in bookcases are only for grand homes with lots of space, they can, in fact, be constructed in any number of smaller spaces. A built in could be comprised of one column of selves, and it doesn’t have to go from the ceiling to the floor. The bottom could be drawers, the top shelving, and the divider a cushioned seat.

Not Just for Books

Built in bookcases aren’t limited to storing books; they are a great accessory to any room. Use your bookcase to highlight keepsakes or family photographs. Storing items in stylish bins that fit the dimensions of shelving transforms bookcases into accessible yet eye-pleasing storage. Consider built in bookcases in an open plan kitchen and design part of the bookcase as wine bottle storage.

Easy Cleaning

Consider built in bookcases with doors for easy cleaning and care of treasured books. Glass doors provide a barrier from dust and curious fingers while allowing shelf contents to be displayed. Solid doors installed to some or the entire bookcase provides the option of hidden storage.

Built in bookcases add more character and quality to a room than freestanding bookcases. These bookcases are just for the libraries of Downton Abbey. Any home can be updated with many stylish options for built in bookshelves. HB Home Services can install built in bookcases to fit your space a personal style.

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