Aging in Place

What if you could change everything in your house so when you get older, moving does not have to be an option. There are many things you can do to your house so it becomes more accessible and safe as you grow older. These adjustments can be made to you bathroom, kitchen, windows, or even your stairs. This is called aging in place.
The main room in any house is the kitchen.  Adding multi-level countertops in your kitchen allows people of different abilities the option to use the countertop that is easiest for them to use. One of the most integral parts of a kitchen is the cabinets.  One of the main problems with cabinets is they can be hard to reach. Good suggestions for cabinets are to have open shelves for items that are frequently used, install pull down or pull out shelves, or to even replace the cabinets knobs with lever style.
In bathrooms the main things that seems to help the most is adding grabbing bars in more convenient places .i.e. in the shower and next to the toilet. At the toilet having grab bars will help with standing and sitting down. Having them in the shower will help a person stand and help with getting in and out of the shower. Having a bathroom on the main level is also important. This way you wont have to walk up a flight of stairs every time you have to go.

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