3 Tips for Prepping Your Roof Before Winter

Start Winter Roof Preparation Now

Your roof is a vital part of your home and needs proper care, maintenance, and seasonal preparation to work efficiently. Summer and fall are the perfect times to decide if you need a new roof. Winter roof preparation provides peace of mind during snowstorms and ensures your roof will last well into spring.

Signs You Need a New Roof

Take advantage of the summer and fall to perform a maintenance check and safety inspection of your roof. Winter roof maintenance includes doing a visual check and hiring a contractor for a closer look. If you notice any damaged or curled shingles, seek professional roof repair services. Roof care matters most in winter because snow and precipitation can work its way through damaged shingles into the wood and into your home.
Other signs that point to roof replacement include light shining through roof slats in your attic, leaks, or if your roof is older than 25 years. These signs typically point to roof replacement rather than winter roof maintenance. However, a new roof is worth the investment when you know that your home will be safe from harm this winter.

Stay On Top of Winter Roof Care

Winter roof care doesn’t end with preparations in the fall. During winter (and year round), clear any debris and ice dams that form in your gutters to maximize the flow of precipitation away from your home. Installing RainPro gutters allow for ultimate protection from winter weather. If you have flat roof at risk of collapse with heavy snowfall, keep our contact information for fast and efficient snow removal and roof repair services.

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