3 Quick and Easy Home Renovations

If you’re looking to make a few improvements to your home that will increase value and energy savings, consider starting with these three improvements:

Front Door

Installing a new front door can give a fresh look to any home. If you decide to install a new front door, there are a few material options from which you can choose. Wood gives you quality, decent insulation, and durability but is expensive. Steel doors offer good energy efficiency at the best price point. Steel doors are vulnerable to rust but provide the most safety. Fiberglass front doors have a price point that’s between steel and wood, are the most durable, and can be hard to differentiate from real wood.

French Doors

If you have a back entrance to a patio or deck, installing French doors can be a beautiful improvement to your home. French doors are more energy efficient than sliding doors and many find them more attractive and high-end looking. In addition, French doors often make a room look bigger and increase natural lighting.

Window Replacement

When frame rot, condensation, or drafts are present in windows, it can be unsightly, depreciate the value of your home, and result in higher heating and cooling bills. If you experience any of these problems, you may want to consider window replacement. Although pre-made windows may be cheaper, you might consider custom-made windows that will provide a perfect fit and be more energy efficient.

If you need help deciding which improvement you should make, contact HB Home Services for a free estimate.

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