3 Genius Bathroom Storage Hacks You’ve Been Missing

Plan your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is a place where homeowners should be able to find solace and respite after a long day. It’s also a busy hub within the household, requiring space for toiletries, medicines, towels, and other necessities. Keeping it tidy and organized can be easy with a few simple bathroom renovations focused on optimizing storage. Consider these fresh ideas for easy bathroom storage hacks.

Custom Cabinetry

Efficient bathroom cabinets are key to great storage. As you plan for your bathroom renovation, think about custom built-in cabinetry that optimizes and enhances the space. For example, a built-in tower can hold towels and add visual interest. Likewise, a custom armoire adds even more bathroom storage and gives your space a classy feel. In an oddly shaped bathroom, add custom cabinetry in small niches to maximize every inch of space.

Increased Shelving

Additional shelving can be added to expand your bathroom storage space. A decorative storage ladder, a wall cabinet with several compartments, or open shelving above the sink can increase bathroom storage without taking up a ton of additional space.

Other Creative Solutions

There are a variety of other storage solutions to consider as you plan your bathroom renovation. From hidden storage inside a cabinet door, to replacing swing doors with sliding doors, to a storage step-stool for your kids, if you think creatively, you’ll discover ways to create the bathroom storage you need and more. Contact HB Home Services for more bathroom renovation storage ideas.

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