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Roof Replacement and Repair Services in Northern VA

Northern VA Roofing Company 

Take a look at these roofing pictures to see how you’ll get a superior roof replacement when you hire HB Services.

roof-repair-hb-services Some contractors will apply a second layer of shingles. However, two layer roofs are prone to leakage in winter and they are susceptible to wind damage. 
roofing-specialists-hb-services  HB Services always removes the old shingles before installing the new roof. It’s the only way you can get a dependable roof.
hb-services-roof-replacement-services Dumpster: HB Services uses trailers with rubber tires to haul away the debris so that we don’t damage your driveway.
roof-repair-fairfax-hb-services Contractors that offer to put on a second layer of shingles would shingle over this rotted wood because they would not be able to detect it. This would result in premature failure of your roof.
hb-services-roof-replacement-contractor HB Services will replace any deteriorated plywood that is discovered after the shingles are removed.
hb-services-fairfax-roofing-ice-water-shield  HB Services installs waterproof ice/water shield at the eave edge.
roofing-waterproof-ice-water-shield-hb-services Also, the shingles have to be removed so that the ice/water shield can be applied directly to the wood decking. The underlayment forms a waterproof seal around the nails.
building-code-roof-repair-hb-services Building Code requires it on all eave edges, and it has to extend at least 2 ft. beyond the warm wall.
hb-services-roof-replacement-crews-fairfax-va A qualified crew leader will be assigned to your project. He will make sure your roof is installed properly, the property is protected and the mess cleaned up. 
roof-replacement-magnet-sweep-hb-services Magnet sweep: HB Services uses a magnet to clean up nails that could be in the lawn or on your driveway.
roof-inspection-quality-control-hb-services Quality Control will inspect your roofing project. 
hb-services-roofing-ridge-vent-ventilation-fairfax Ventilation: HB Services makes sure your roof is well ventilated. Ridge vent is one of the most effective ways to ventilate your roof.
hb-services-roofing-ice-water-shield-northern-va Ice/water shield in all valleys.
ice-water-shield-chimney-roofing-hb-services Ice/water shield around chimneys. 
ice-water-shield-roofing-on-pipes-hb-services Ice/water shield around pipes. 
roofing-ice-water-shield-along-walls-hb-services-va Ice/water shield along walls. 
hb-services-roofing-services-underlayment-northern-va HB Services uses a high performance underlayment. Its fiberglass reinforced, it has more tear resistance, it lays flat and provides more wind resistance. 
hb-services-roofing-starter-shingles-northern-va Precut Starter Shingles: HB Services installs precut Starter Shingles on all edges of the roof. Starter shingles seal down shingles at the edge of the roof and provide more wind resistance.
hb-services-roofing-architectural-high-definition-shingles HB Services uses Architectural High Definition shingles because they resist wind better than other shingles. 
roof-repair-hb-services-hip-and-ridge-shingles Hip & Ridge: HB Services uses Hip and Ridge that has the same color, warranty and the same wind resistance as the rest of the shingles.
hb-services-roof-replacement-counter-flashing-chimney-waterproofing Counter Flashing: HB Servcies installs new flashing around your chimney to make sure it’s waterproof. 
hb-services-roof-installation-flashings-roof-waterproofing Step Flashing: HB Services installs new flashings by walls to make sure it’s waterproof.
roof-repair-pipe-flashing-roof-waterproofing-hb-services Pipe Flashing: we install new pipe flashings to prevent leakage. 
roof-repair-drip-edge-and-animal-prevention-in-roof-hb-services Drip Edge protects against wood rot and it can help to keep small animals out of your attic.


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